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Thirty-Five Years Extensive Culinary Experience.

Former academic director for the famed French culinary school- Le Cordon Bleu, proves I've earned considerable experience in my industry. I also work extensively teaching others how to eat and live better through the medium of cooking. I have appeared in a variety of media outlets including, Radio Disney and Bay Area local television broadcast with Spencer Christian, on NBC’s “View from the Bay” and CBS, “Eye on the Bay”. 

Classically trained, In San Francisco, California and Copenhagen Denmark.  Recognized nationally as an expert in the culinary industry. I have worked from the Ritz- Carlton to the Hyatt Hotel Corporation, and others in between. I adore specializing in intimate gatherings, and work discreetly with many high profile clients. Worked and trained along-side world famous chefs, from culinary gold medalist, to Michelin Star chefs such as: Yves Garner- and local Bay Area celebrity chefs, such as Gary Danko. I adore the art of cuisine and plating, I find myself in my most tranquil, creative space there. 

Recently authored, "Food Fight- for Parents of Picky Eaters", while coaching families how to shop, prep and cook healthier- faster. Pen on my latest book,  "Cook Outside the Box"- supporting my hands-on educational series. I teach to those invested in eating clean, and free from artificial ingredients and shelf stabilizers. I am a contributing food writer for: Urban Gardeners Republic Magazine, Consumers Health Digest, and 30 Seconds Chicago, where I share recipes, and tips from the kitchen.

In my spare time, I keeps bees, raise chickens, and try to grow as much of my own herbs and vegetables as possible.

I am constantly challenged while making coffee and rice-- but working on it.


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"The Silverware had a fight…the knife and spoon were the fork left”   ~ Chef Gigi


  • Modernist Cuisine
  • Classic & New American
  • French
  • California Nouvelle
  • Nouvelle Gastronomy


I am influenced by the art of culinary science and flavor. Consistently pursuing new culinary methods, applications, while striving to preserve techniques I've mastered.

Food science captivates me constantly.  How food structures work, how we can apply the mastery of what we know to our flow, and create new delicious artistic creations, or deepening the classics. I believe eliciting, time, temperatures, colors, combinations while executing clean flavor layers is an art.

Through understanding the science behind cooking and flavor, sprinkled with with a solid practicum of technique; I believe you can master any cuisine. 

This is a fun video of a technique I use. Fluid gels are fun plate-paint applications. 


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