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Chef Daniella Bensimon is a food artist.  Her art is her cooking, creating balanced meals with nutrition in mind, never sacrificing taste and flavor. Since age 4, Chef Daniella has been creating culinary delights. She has also had the amazing and unique opportunity to live and travel in the Middle East, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe; tasting, smelling and learning about cultures through the food of the locals.

Chef Daniella specializes in farm-to-table North African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, with a California fresh twist. She also has a variety of experience with other cuisines, including Latin American, Thai, Italian, American, Eastern European, and many more. (Kosher and Halal certified fare as well.)

Chicken over a bed of vegetables including radish, green beans, mache, fresh corn/ sunchoke cream

Chicken over a bed of vegetables including radish, green beans, mache, fresh corn/ sunchoke cream

the experience:

Over 74 FIVE-STAR reviews, Best of Winner and Thumbtack Pro 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

"Chef Daniella was an absolute pleasure to work with. She prepared a complete dinner for us around a dessert that I had wanted to serve. Her creativity and attention to the theme made our evening of dining more fun and interesting than I had expected. Daniella's preparation was detailed and well thought out. The dishes from beginning to end had a continuity of flavors and spicing, yet each held it's own interesting texture and overall experience. Her lamb shank was perfectly cooked, it melted in our mouths! I would definitely hire her again." (Audrey D. May 24, 2017)

Chef Daniella provided our team with a wonderful mix of Moroccan eats that satisfied our palates and elevated our event. Everything was cooked to perfection and she created the type of catering spread that was very comforting, just like a home-cooked meal.!" (Charlene A. December 29, 2017)

"From the point of connecting with Chef Daniella about my dinner party, to meeting with her in person beforehand to discuss menu and pricing, and on to the event itself, there was never a time I didn't feel confident in her experience and her ability to pull off a fantastic Greek dinner for my friend's 60th birthday. And that she did! My friends are still raving about her and I could not have been more pleased with every single detail. Food was fabulous! I highly recommend Daniella for any catering needs or for cooking for a private party. She handles it all. Wish I could have her cook for me on a regular basis!" (Meredith W., November 12, 2016)

"FANTASTIC FOOD! As someone who appreciates healthy food that ALSO tastes good... you could not ask for a better chef! Daniella is fantastic at accommodating all sorts of special requests (low/no sugar, low/no fat, antibiotic/hormone-free, high protein / high fiber, gluten-free, no dairy, etc.). Tough to find a caterer that can do all of that AND produce an amazingly delicious feast - 5+++++ STARS" (Jen B. June 27, 2014)

"Chef Daniella prepared a lovely meal for our team offsite. She took into account multiple dietary restrictions and created a delicious spread that included beverages, salad, sandwiches, sides, and incredible chocolate chip cookies (baked fresh that morning!). She was very easy-going and easy to communicate with." (Ferren F. December 7, 2017)

Chef Daniella is a pleasure to work with and really is as good as everyone says. Her food is off the charts delicious! She is very easy to work with, she is flexible, she made herself comfortable in my kitchen (thank goodness!). I have already booked her again and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.” (Charlotte D., October 31, 2016)

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"Best of Winner" Thumbtack 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017



  • Moroccan

  • Middle Eastern

  • Turkish

  • Greek

  • Italian

  • Mexican

  • Californian

  • Latin American

  • Southeast Asian

  • Kosher and Halal

Mafroum (Stuffed artichokes with lamb/ saffron infused tomato sauce)

Mafroum (Stuffed artichokes with lamb/ saffron infused tomato sauce)