" This is my opportunity to introduce to diners regional Vietnamese Cuisine. Vietnamese food is more than just BANH-MI,PHO AND SPRING ROLLS."

Chef Tu David Phu


the experience:


Review for Biển: Sea-Inspired Tasting Menu & Beer Pairings
"Chef Tu was charming and interacted with all the guests dining. He explained in detail why he made each dish and the ingredients that he chose for each one. The food was very tasty and we enjoyed interacting with all the other guests as well."

-Vivy C.

Review for Chợ Dêm: Night Market-Inspired Tasting Menu & Beer Pairings
This was a beautifully plated, delicious meal! I loved it! The chef told interesting stories about the history of the food, and the food was wonderful.

-Marilyn F.

Review for Nhau by Chef Tu David Phu
Tu's food is delicious! I loved it all especially the spring rolls. The unexpected mixture of never seen sea weeds made it a delite to eat. I will return !!! :)

-Melissa O.

Review for ĂN by Chef Tu David Phu
The vegetarian meal was amazing! The bitter gourd was delicious and thanks for incorporating tofu as a protein! Not many chefs take the thought to prepare vegetarian courses that are just as beautifully presented and as tasty as the meat eaters courses. You did both and I am so appreciative!

-Parvathi R.

"I've always had trouble with my identity and feeling comfortable with cooking "MY FOOD." After cooking professionally (over a decade) in western-style kitchens, I started to change the way I cooked... It wasn't my palate. I wanted to be able to tell my story and allow people to endure my experience through my palate." " My dinners is an homage to my mother and all the asian immigrant mothers that created a cuisine out of necessity. The Vietnamese Palate in California. "


  • Vietnamese

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian

  • Gluten Free

Resume: Chef Tu David Phu's resume reflects a reverence for American culinary greats, skilled in classical European traditions. His stints include the nation’s top Michelin-rated restaurants: Chez Panisse, Quince, Acquerello, Daniel Boulud, Breslin, Gotham Bar & Grill and Gramercy Tavern. Most recently, Chef Tu was Executive Chef of Gather in Berkeley. He was most recently named to SF Chronicle's prestigious Rising Stars chefs list. Top Chef Season 15 contestant.






Chef Tu's family hails from the Island of Phu Quoc in Southern Vietnam, and immersed him in the practices, ingredients, techniques, and flavors of one of world's most sophisticated global cuisines. “I grew up watching my parents make tapioca noodles and fresh coconut milk every Sunday in Oakland, California. The pure joy and care they placed into food and traditions stuck with me. I was amazed how much cooking can enrich the lives of others.” Obsessed with this perspective, he set out to make cooking his journey


cheftudavidphu@gmail.com, (510) 396-8679 OR

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